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OpenVMS Hobbyist/Educational Programs Registration:

Please provide the following information for your OpenVMS Hobbyist/Educational Programs Registration:

Participating Chapter
Membership Number
License Type
AllianceONE/DSPP Partner?
Using an emulator?
Other Emulator(s)  
First Name  
Last Name
Other, unlisted, Country
Email Address
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How do you use the Hobbyist Program?
Please enter this code: QoOqb601ak
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CCSS - Computer Consulting System Services is collecting this information at the request of Hewlett Packard for the purpose of your registering for the OpenVMS Hobbyist Program. CCSS does not retain any of this information. It is sent directly to Hewlett Packard OpenVMS Engineering for validation and registration.

The return of the PAKs to allow continued operation of your OpenVMS systems running under the Hobbyist or Educational programs takes between 24 and 48 hours. If you do not receive your PAKs within that time frame please contact the HPE OpenVMS Customer Lab [].

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