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The sample lesson presented is a demonstration of the LOGIN / LOGOUT function. This sample course is an extract of the first lesson of the Introduction to OpenVMS, the first introductory course offered by CCSS Interactive Learning. The same sort of facilities for training and assistance are available in this sample lesson as are used in the rest of the courses on this web site.

All of our courses are complete. We provide the course material, documentation, access to the computer resource as well as tutoring and testing. Each page of a course has access to these facilities, although testing is only available on the first page of the course and at the end of the course. It is recommended that you leave testing until you have studied the entire course. We utilize the telnet utility you have on your PC or MAC or workstation, whatever you are using to access our training sessions. We recommend you use a GOOD VT type terminal emulator such as Reflection, Distinct IntelliTerm, PowerTerm, or ZOC.

An alternative to using a commercial terminal emulator is to download Tera Term Pro from our web site or you can use your own terminal emulator.

Please, explore this sample lesson. If you have any questions please contact us.

Thank you, for exploring CCSS Interactive Learning.

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