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The CCSS OpenVMS Training Environment

CCSS - Computer Consulting System Services strives to provide clear and understandable OpenVMS training designed to get you quickly up to speed and productive on your OpenVMS system. We realize that you may be taking one or more of these web based courses from the privacy of your home, or from another location other than in front of your OpenVMS system. To help you get the most benefit from these courses, we have provided a suitable OpenVMS training environment for your use. While it is possible to take these courses without direct access to an OpenVMS system, we feel you will achieve maximum benefit by working through the material and performing the exercises on a 'live' OpenVMS system.

All of our courses are complete. We provide the course material, documentation, access to the computer resource as well as tutoring and testing. Each page of a course has acces to these facilities, although it is recommended that you leave testing until you have studied the entire course. Your access to the OpenVMS training environment is via your computer's telnet client which is invoked by your browser.

We offer a free-ware terminal emulator - Tera Term Pro ver. 2.3 for Windows 95/NT which you can download from our site or other sites on the web. You can also purchase industrial strength terminal emulators from companies like WRQ, Inc. or Ericom, both of whom offer a wide range of terminal emulation products.

If you already have a telnet client and are familiar with its use, you may use it to connect to our OpenVMS system. Your Student Welcome package email will have details on how to connect to our OpenVMS computers.

Since many of you may be learning about OpenVMS and computers for the first time, we have arranged a simple way for you to 'get your feet wet' and have access to an OpenVMS system immediately.

A bit about our teaching philosophy, goals and course design...

The objective of all of our courses is to provide very focused and relevant instruction designed to make you productive at your assigned OpenVMS task(s) in the quickest and most painless way possible. Individual topics are presented in small bite-size pieces with examples and exercises that lead you on the most direct path from topic introduction to topic mastery. We strive to provide the highest return value on your educational investment.

Depending on the course you take, you may have need, or find it convenient,to have several browser windows open at the same time. We have taken pains to ensure that you have maximum flexibility in arranging your desktop. All of the HTML windows we open on your system are resizable and have scrollbars where appropriate.

Our HTML layout is kept as simple and straight-forward as possible. You will find no unnecessary or distracting frills. Graphics are kept to a minimum and employed only where deemed necessary to illustrate a point or to make clear an example.

We hope you find our material and methods effective and useful. Comments, suggestions and ideas are always welcome and can be sent to our Director of Training:

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